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Inspiration is derived from looking through windows either on a journey or from a building. The view is oftenobscured by rain drops on the glass, movement and perspective. 

Looking out into the outside expanse of the sky, hills, or sea is also a reminder of our smallness and magnitude of the world. There is a contrast between the juxtaposition of the manmade and nature. There is an exciting interplay that comes about through the subject matter in these “window” photographs.   

I explore these landscapes, feeling the topography and investigate the forms.  I paint gesturally and intuitively with energy, impulse, and spontaneity.  And, although I make maquettes and sketches they are there to guide.  I enjoy the freedom of the mark making, the viscosity, texture, and unctuousness of the paint, and getting lost and immersed in the flow of the moment.  This makes the painting interesting – it is as much about the substance, as the subject matter: the paint becomes the elements.   I am not trying to replicate the coastline, roadside or garden scene, nor trying to depict identifiable landmarks and masses.



  • Currently studying for a BA Fine Art, Painting and Drawing, University of Northampton


  • 2020  Attended a number of workshops including Mono Printing, and Litho Printing, University of Northampton


  • 2016 – 2018 Advanced Portrait Class, Heatherleys School of Art, London


  • 2014 – 2018 Art Classes, with artist Chrissie Borland, The Mill, Banbury