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About Lucy Gow

Lucy Gow.jpeg

I am a Belfast born artist, drawn to the landscape, creating a body of work using photographs, and sketches of places that have a special place in my heart.

My practice revolves around the landscape, but not the whole vista, only parts of the view, those appealing bits that offer an opportunity to incorporate imagination and different perspectives. I do not, or rarely, set out knowing what the outcome is likely to be, and the direction often changes, especially when working on several pieces at once.

I like to try to capture my response to the landscape, and surroundings, trying to convey that sense of history, layer upon layer. The mark making, or rubbing out, blending, and textural marks or spaces create energetic vibrant pieces with personal resonances. The intention, such as it exists, is to allow a sense of freedom, getting lost, and a reminder of how we fit into the narrative. Our small place on the planet.

The journey, whether that be physical or psychological on canvas is part of the excitement.

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